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How To Apply HM Decals

How to apply HM decals ?

Wall decals have different decals:

  • Simple ( peel and stick, very easy apply)
  • Large decals: with 3 layers

HM decal require your surface requirements:

  • Smooth, dry and free of dust and dirt. light dish soap or alcohol and water will do the trick.
    DO NOT use cleaners containing ammonia as this will cause the adhesive not to stick.
  • Window, Glass or mirror applications - clean surface
  • At least 2 top coats for painted surfaces have undercoat.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks on a newly painted surface to complete dry

1: Apply Simple decals.

This kind decals you receive has 2 layers, decals designs and backing paper.

  • Planning your layout, refer to result image guide on each decals you received.
  • Peel decals off from the backing paper
  • Smooth but not press to hard the designs to the surface
  • To reposition them, just lift an edge and peel them off the surface, then reposition them again.


2: Applying larger decals with 3 layers

  • Planning, Cut and separate decals: Decals you received are in type setting, decal are not in the correct order,
    you need to cut and separate those sticker by sentence or words or designs to make them easier to manage
    and planning positions.
  • For smaller part of decals, peel off the backing paper, apply decal to the surface
  • For large part of decals,  use masking tape to position the decal on the surface.
    This allow s you to preview the arrangement. We also suggest using a level to make sure the decal is straight.
    If you do not have a level but do have a smart phone, there are several free smart phone apps
    that will turn your phone into a level.


After you have achieved your desired placement of the decals, place a long strip of tape across the middle
of the shortest distance of the decal(s). Then remove any additional tape that was used for previewing the arrangement.

  • Transfer the Decal to the Wall  


When you are happy with your layout with the decal taped to the wall,
slowly peel the backing paper away from one side. The vinyl should stick to the transfer paper on top.
Peel until you reach the center and then cut away the base paper.
(It helps to have a friend to help with the cutting but it is not necessary.)
If a section of the decal remains on the transfer paper, carefully lay the transfer paper back over the stubborn vinyl,
push tape down with your fingers, and try to peel it back again. Just take your time.

  • Smooth the Decal:

Using the squeegee or a credit card, start from the center and use a smooth and firm motion
to burnish the decal onto the wall.  Slowly work your way from the center to the outer edge of the decal.
Remove the long piece of tape and repeat the process on the other side. 
Remember to work from the center outward to avoid air bubbles. 


Note: If your walls have a texture on them, your decal may adhere better if you wrap your squeegee in a soft cloth.
The cloth will help press the decal into the nooks and crannies of the wall texture. 

  • Remove the Transfer tape: 

The decal is now on the wall, but the transfer paper is covering it.
Begin at one of the top corners and SLOWLY peel/roll the paper down onto itself and away from the decal.

Be careful not to peel the paper away at a 45-90 degree angle as this will pull the decal away from the wall. 
If any part of the decal begins to come off the wall,
stop and rub the transfer paper back down on that section
with your squeegee or fingers until that portion of the decal adheres.

Note: If the transfer paper won’t release the decal onto your wall,
take a damp sponge onto the back of the paper to moisten it and help release the adhesive.

Wall Texture: 

Our wall decals are designed to stick best to clean ,dry, smooth surfaces.
They may not stick well to highly textured surfaces.

We suggest our customer apply a small piece of sticker to test the wall first and wait for next day,
if the small piece does not stick, please contact us prior to apply the rest of stick.

There some reasons stickers  may not stick:

  • If your paint finish is satin/low sheen or hight gloss
  • If the paint is “ Teflon” or  “ silicone” or similar additives to make the “ wash and wear “ or  “weather proof”
  • Your new paint is less than 4 weeks and is not complete dry.
  • Your wall texture may be too humpy, such as concrete cement and rendered walls, suede effects, brought surface paints
  • The way you handle, not pressed wall sticker firm enough to the surface.Dusty; rough; textured; oily; moisture surfaces
    will not be as effective. 

** For more complicated textures or decals, use a hair dryer on (very) low to soften the adhesive
while pushing it into the grooves.

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